Our Story


Inspiration & Authenticity

Inspired by the flavours and precision of Japanese baking, alongside the culinary craft and legacy of patisserie from France, blended together with Emirati spirit and experiences.

A Japanese Executive Chefs, leading a team of 25 bakers across all locations and all food production – focusing on Japanese flavours and baking methods.

One central kitchen servicing all locations in Al Ferdous 2, with eight Japanese ovens and equipment (some of which are automated for precision).

More than 4 different bakes take place each day, with the kitchen operating 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

More than 3500 items baked across the four main restaurants of Al Ferdous, Grove Village, DIFC and Etihad Towers.

Signature Items

Fluffy Japanese Bureddos (loaves) baked with six different types of Japanese flour to result in the soft and fluffy consistency Japanese breads are famed for.

Japanese character breads such as the Kitty filled with Nutella, the Character Totoro or Panda Lotus Bun.

Famed Japanese delicacies such as the Red Bean Bun or Cheese Tart – or the ever-popular Pesutoris (pastries): Soufflé Cheesecake, Roll Cake and Chiffon Cake.

Parisian-inspired croissants with Japanese favours such as the Rose, Matcha or Red Bean croissants

Quirky Japanese sabori (savoury) pastries such Sausage Rolls, Croquettes, French inspired Croque Monsieur or Yakisoba buns.

Tasty Sadoitchi (sandwiches) such as Teriyaki Steak, Japanese Tuna and Egg sandwiches

Salmon Sashimi, Crab and Avocado and Japanese Mushroom and Rocket salads (Sarada)

Japanese biscuits created with biscuit base and filled with Chocolate, Matcha, & Salted Caramel.